RFQs should be directed to: rfq@mw2ecoat.com
This mailbox is only for establishing contact with Estimating if you are a new customer.
Please reply directly to the estimator who contacts you and not to the RFQ mailbox.

Please include the following:
1) Contact (Name, address, email, phone)
2) Part #, description, dimensions & coating specs(if not shown on drawing)
3) Attach drawing/blueprint (PDF, TIFF, JPEG formats preferred. Do not send CAD models. They are unacceptable for estimating.)
4) If you want us to quote trucking, provide the part weight
5) Identify any special requirements for packaging or labeling

Employment & Job Openings

Applications can be picked up/filled out during business hours or downloaded/filled out and returned to us.

Download Application (PDF)

Questions about current job openings should be directed to: carnival@mw2ecoat.com Please include in your message: Name, address, and phone